About Us

Fossil Fuel are 100% Paleo/Primal snack bars, made with love and care and the very best quality wholefood ingredients we can lay our little hands on.

Bursting with superfood vitality and health benefits, they’re totally free from any sort of junk your body doesn’t recognise as food—that means you won’t find any refined sugars, grains, gluten, vegetable oils, additives, preservatives, sulphites, soya or GM in our bars. Whoop!

Who we are

Fossil Fuel is run by us, Dave and Gareth. Pleased to meet you! We live in Kingston-upon-Hull, a fine seafaring city tucked away on the east coast of England.

When we’re not dreaming up new Fossil Fuel flavours or giddily packaging orders to customers, one or other of us can often be found smashing a WOD at our local CrossFit box, enjoying some quality time with a barbell, scaling a rock face, kitesurfing off a beach or enjoying some sweet flowing single-track MTB.

Where it all began

The idea for Fossil Fuel came about sometime in 2012, not long after we both started eating Paleo. We both had a need for clean, nutritious, energy-rich snacks we could carry around with us while out and about, at work, on long MTB rides, etc. Something tasty, filling and portable that the Paleo Police would approve of too.

Armed with a blender and blind enthusiasm, we each began experimenting. The resulting snack bars were purely for our own consumption, officer… at least at this stage anyway.

It soon became clear other people loved them too. Dave’s kids devoured each entire batch within a day, and friends and family made lots of “mmm mmm” noises when eating them. Good sign! We embarked on testing our creations with anyone we could find. Our friends the fine upstanding coaches and members at Crossfit Hull were especially helpful, accepting the task of eating delicious free food with tireless energy and dedication. Bless ’em. 

Encouraged by how well the bars were going down with the crowd, we realised we were onto something. And lo! Fossil Fuel—the brand—was born.

After a long and bumpy ride along the road of starting a food business, we proudly launched Fossil Fuel to the masses in March 2015.

We’ve only just begun

Things are only just beginning for Fossil Fuel. We hope you’ll join us on our journey of creating delicious, healthy primal fuel for the modern day hunter-gatherer. If you’ve tried our bars, we’d love to know what you think.

The Future

It is an exciting time at Fossil Fuel HQ, we have recently been acquired by Nature’s Supplements, as part of their growing business focusing on health and well-being we will be able to grow the brand whilst ensuring we stay true to our humble beginnings. Our Hunter Gatherer Journey continues, watch this space for what we’ve got planned.