Craig Lane – Construction Worker to GB Triathlete

Fossil Fuel's Brand Ambassador tells his incredible story of becoming a GB Triathlete

Autumn Fuel – Coffee

Can you keep going now that its cold and wet? We do a little comparison of two products and mindsets!

Primal Performance Food Pairings We Love

Nothing makes it into Fossil Fuels bars by accident. Everything on our ingredients list is carefully chosen, and in quantities that we believe will help you get the best out of whatever it is that you're doing. Whether it's CrossFit, running, or just fuelling a long work day. We've paired some of our own ingredients with a few other favourites, to give you some practical kitchen inspiration.

A True Story About Bananas and Climbing

The fight of the century (honest). The banana defends it's title against a Fossil Fuel bar, the challenger for the title of Top Climbing Fuel.

Macadamias and Cashews for Crossfit Fuel (other workouts are available)

We explore the nutritional content of our two favourite nuts – cashews and macadamias – to explain how these awesome primal foods can help you to perform and recover stronger and faster.

We’re in April’s Primal Snack Box

We're absolutely delighted to be featured in this month's Primal Snack Box! Get to try not only Fossil Fuel but also loads of other paleo-friendly products.

Where we go all caveman in the local paper

We're both pretty chuffed today to be featured in the business section of our local paper the Hull Daily Mail.

We’re available at Perfectly Paleo

Today there is frenzied rejoicing at Fossil Fuel Towers. We're delighted to announce that Fossil Fuel is now available on Perfectly Paleo. Individual bars too—huzzah!

Ingredient in focus: Dates

Dates are the basis of all Fossil Fuel bars. Once blitzed up, they’re really sticky which helps us to form them into a bar shape, they’re full of energy and they taste delicious. But there’s actually more than meets the eye to these wrinkly little bad-boys.

More print just arrived

We're super-stoked to have received the rest of our print this morning. We now have everything we need. Fossil Fuel starts shipping 03.03.15!